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Neoss LINK team days 2017

27th October- 28th October 2017

Neoss® understands the importance of connections and long-lasting relationships, two of the keys to our success in growing our international presence.

Neoss® LINK team days 2017, in Sorrento, will once again bring together clinicians and academics from around the world to present state-of-the-art implant dentistry and discuss current trends in surgery and prosthodontics.

The meeting is to facilitate and support clinician’s development and share treatment experiences that can ultimately improve dental implant treatment and outcomes for our patients.

During the meeting our speakers will demonstrate how innovation is showing results in practice, and this year the sessions have been expanded to cover
Bone Regeneration and the fast paced Digital Arena.

Download the programme here Download the accommodation form (PDF)

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About Sorrento

Sorrento is a spectacular location set on one of the most beautiful parts of the Italian coast and can be easily reached via Naples. The mixture of the historic center, small boutiques, breathtaking sunsets and fragrances of orange and lemon gardens make it a perfect destination.

Venue - Hilton Sorrento Palace . Sorrento. Italy

Accommodation - Hilton Sorrento Palace, Sorrento, Italy. Please book using accommodation form.



Membrane Session

Neoss ProActive® Session

CAD/CAM Session

Workshops Membrane Session ProActive Session CAD/CAM Session

Dr. Andrea Grassi

Prof. Christer Dahlin

Prof. Lars Sennerby

Mr. Fredrik Engman

Dr. Jakob Zwaan

Dr. David González

Dr. Nicola Sgaramella

Mr. Jochem Heibach

Mr. Vito Minutolo

Dr. Norbert Hassfurther

Dr. Roberto Romano

Prof. Raoul Polansky

Dr. Norbert Hassfurther

Dr. Thomas Zumstein (Chair)

Dr. Chris Salierno

Dr. Jakob Zwaan

Dr. Rosario Prisco

Mr. Vito Minutolo

Dr. Thomas Zumstein

Kavit Shah (Chair)

Christer Dahlin (Chair)


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