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The Neoss Dental Implant System

Provides a simple, definitive and attractive method of missing teeth or damaged tooth replacement.

Introduction to Dental Implants

Implants replace the roots of teeth and can be used to anchor a single crown or crowns, a bridge or denture.


What is a dental implant? What are the advantages compared to other treatment options?

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When Can Implants Be Used?

Dental implants can be used to help many patients. There are few restrictions or contraindications.


How are implants used? Can their appearance be as good as my natural teeth?

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How Am I Treated?

An outline of the diagnosis, planning and treatment procedures for dental implants.

Dentists may work on their own or as part of a team to give you the smile you really deserve.

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Additional Information

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Patient Testimonials

Real stories from patients treated with implants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Support and Frequently Asked Questions.

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Patient Information Brochure

Download our information leaflet to print or take away.

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