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Dental Implant Applications - How they can be used

Overview of Dental Implants Applications

Overview of Dental Implants Applications

There are many dental implant applications, as they can be used to help many patients. There are few restrictions or contraindications. In general, dental implants are not placed in children or teenagers who are typically still growing.

A denture or simple dental bridge may be used to maintain a space created by loss of a tooth or teeth as the result of an accident or for orthodontic reasons. When the patient has reached adulthood implants may be placed. Too early placement may result in continuing growth of bone around the implant giving the impression that it is submerging.

There are no contraindications to implant placement in elderly patients for whom placement of two implants to support a denture may prove a considerable benefit in eating. Patients with a medical history should always consult their clinician prior to considering implant treatment although again there are relatively few contraindications. One of the most important factors is having sufficient bone of the right quality and quantity in the appropriate part of the mouth to support implants. Patients with insufficient bone may still be treated with grafts but this can result in more expense, time and relative discomfort.

The Benefits of Dental Implants - Video

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