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PIA Symposium


5401 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale,

This year, the Perio-Implant Advisory Symposium event will focus on treating implant complications. Due to the increase in volume of implants being placed, implant complications are on the rise. Expand your knowledge and practice by learning how to treat various surgical and prosthetic implant complications.

October 14, 2021 | CE Credits: 8

Dental Implant Complications-Dr. Scott Froum, Dr. Clark Brinton, Dr. Chris Salierno

In partnership with our Platinum Sponsor Neoss Inc. The Perio-Implant Advisory brings you a dental implant complications course with updated and actionable information and training.

Taught by a periodontist and general dentist, this course with an optional hands-on component gives you multiple perspectives on how to address all kinds of complications that occur with dental implants. The course will be presented in comprehensive format with lecture, discussion, and hands-on practice on models and animal specimens. Attendees will leave better prepared to recognize and remedy implant complications back in their own offices.

Course Overview

• Identification and diagnosis of surgical, biological, and prosthetic implant complications

• Review of complications related to digital imaging, guided surgery and CAD/CAM restoration

• Didactic and hands-on techniques to correct prosthetic implant complications

• Discussion and indications for platelet rich fibrin in complication management

• Didactic and hands-on protocols to address peri-implantitis

• Didactic and hands-on techniques to remedy abutment loosening, screw fracture and implant fracture

• Hands-on training on soft tissue grafting to correct tissue deficiencies around implants

• Protocols and hands-on practice to avoid and correct anterior aesthetic implant issues

October 15, 2021 | CEU Credits: 3

Dental Implant Complications Workshop-Dr. Scott Froum

This hands-on workshop will review of the etiology and diagnosis of implant complications. ADA dental codes will be discussed as well as letters of explanation representing various complication treatments. CAD/CAM and CBCT complications will be reviewed. Hands-on customized models as well as animal jaws will be used to teach attendees how to correct various surgical and prosthetic implant complications, such as prosthetic misfit, poor embrasure form leading to food traps, prosthetic screw fracture and retrieval, implant facture, and periimplantitis induced soft and hard tissue loss. Attendees will be taught various techniques for implant surface decontamination. In addition, various techniques for tissue repair will be introduced including how to fabricate and use platelet rich fibrin. This course is taught by a general dentist and periodontist.


• Early Bird 1-day Full Conference - $299 (before August 31st) - 1-day full conference - $399 (after August 31st)

• Early Bird Workshop - $549 (before August 31st) - Workshop - $649 (after August 31st)

• Early Bird Full Conference and Workshop - $649 (before August 31st) - Full Conference and Workshop - $749 (after August 31st)

GROUP PLAN: Bring a team member or office staff member for only $249!