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Implant Progression

Presented by Dr. Maziar Tavazoei and Dr. Tarun Nagrani

Implant Progression

A continuation from 'Introduction to Dental Implants' focusing on flap designs, overdentures, and socket preservation through adequate suturing techniques and site closure

Course Outline

- Flap designs, site closure, and suturing techniques (Hands-on) (Pig/Lamb Head)
- Overdentures for implants, modifying existing dentures for overdentures. Selection of Implant overdenture abutments (Hands-On)
- Implant placement in mild-moderately deficient bone and simple grafting techniques during placement
- Chairside Processing of implant overdenture attachments (hands-on)
- Socket Preservation
- Temporary Implant restorations (Hands-on)
- Prosthetic soft tissue manipulation by temporary restorations
- Implant Maintenance

Learning Objectives

- The process behind deciding how to make a surgical incision and where to cut
- Suture material options and techniques for closing a surgical site
- Techniques for socket preservation and indications
- Grafting materials and techniques for simple guided bone regeneration.
- Importance of temporary implant crowns in the manipulation of soft tissues
- Implant Overdenture case selections and clinical steps
- Tip and tricks in Implant Prosthodontics