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SEQ Implant Study Club

Presented by Dr. Mark Elliott, Dr. Stephen Robinson, Dr. Alana Evans and Guest Speakers.

SEQ Implant Study Club

Come along to our thought-provoking Implant Study Club evening in South East Queensland. Study Club is a place clinicians can come together in a relaxed and informal setting to discuss cases, treatment plans, successes, and failures.

All attendees are welcome (and encouraged) to bring along a case for discussion. 

Session 1 | Tuesday 7th June 2022 
Case presentations
Dr. Mark Elliott, Dr. Stephen Robinson

Session 2 | Tuesday 2nd August 2022
“Dental Implants: the experience of a young prosthodontist”
Dr. Alana Evans

Session 3 | Tuesday 4th October 2022
Topic TBC

Session 4 | Tuesday 29th November 2022
Topic TBC