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Webinar with Dr. John Hodges: How should we be approaching the fully edentulous or soon to be fully edentulous patient?

Join our FREE live webinar on Wednesday 3rd June, at 17:00 Central European Summer Time (CEST) for 1 hour as Dr. John Hodges presents 'How should we be approaching the fully edentulous or soon to be fully edentulous patient?'

You have a patient who is about to lose all of her teeth. Which type of restoration will you recommend? Will you offer a traditional acrylic-titanium fixed hybrid? Will you offer a newer full zirconia bridge, or maybe a cobalt-chromium PFM with it’s sleeker design but higher complexity and cost? Maybe a removable overdenture is best.

This webinar will address the thought process I follow when helping a patient select the best restoration for his wants and needs. We will discuss different fixed and removable options including their respective dimensional requirements and limitations, complexity in fabrication, and psychological impact on your patient.

Learning Objectives:

Understanding the types of removable and fixed full arch options available

Understanding the benefits and limitations of the materials of each restoration type

Understanding patient factors to consider when developing your plan, such as speech concerns and the effects from loss of proprioception

Understanding when it is acceptable to place multiple short-span bridges vs. single cross-arch restorations.

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Other time zones:

Hong Kong (HTK) 23:00PM
London, UK (BST) 16:00PM
New York, USA (EDT) 11:00AM
Rome, Italy (CEST) 17:00PM
Sydney Australia (NSW) 01:00AM

Please note: A recording of the webinar will be available for registered attendees for an additional 48h.

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