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In-lab digital prosthetic

NeoBase® Abutments

A complete range of titanium base abutments for local milling of ceramic restorations with angulated and straight screw channels.

Why NeoBase® Abutments

Design flexibility

Allows dental laboratories more freedom in manufacturing customized restorations.

Digital workflow

Integration facilitate seamless design and anatomical fit from healing abutments to final restorations.

Compact geometry

Offers reliable retention and maximize ceramic thickness.

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Neoss® Custom Prosthetics

ARC milling center specializing for over 16 years in manufacturing custom-made implant prosthetics. Offering outstanding precision and reliable quality from single to full-arch restorations.




Abutments are offered in titanium and cobalt chrome, with straight or angulated screw channels. Any individualised abutments you need for your patients ARC can provide on the Neoss implant system. ARC also offer individualised abutments for most other implant systems on the market.

  • Precision milled individualised abutments
  • Available in titanium, cobalt chromium and zirconia
  • With straight or angled screw channels

Implant bridges and bars

ARC provide implant bridges in titanium and colbalt chrome with straight or angulated screw channels for all leading implant systems, as well as more uncommon implant systems and platforms. 

  • Precision milled implant-borne bridge construction
  • Milled in titanium or addictive cobalt chromium
  • Choose either straight or angled screw channels




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