Overdenture Abutments

A simple and cost-effective solution

Neoss overdenture abutments include Equator, Ball and Bar abutment solutions offer a simple and cost-effective solution for many patients.

For severely angled implants, Neoss offers a unique solution. Both the Equator and the Ball Attachment are available for the angled Access Abutments, allowing angle corrections of up to 60°

Overdenture abutments offerings

Ball/Clix Abutments

The Neoss® Ball Abutment offers a relatively simple and cost effective implant supported overdenture solution for many patients.

Equator Abutments

The Neoss® Equator Abutment is designed for use with full or partial dentures. The self-locating design allows a patient to easily seat their denture.

Bar Abutments

Neoss® Bar Abutments provide a simple and cost effective solution for bar retained overdentures.

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Overdenture Abutments