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Simplified solution for final restoration

Final Abutments

The Neoss Implant System is a simplified solution for final restoration. It includes a range of permanent abutments that offer predictable, functional and long-term solutions for dentists and their patients.

Final abutment offerings

Multi-Unit Abutments

Designed  for full-arch restorations or partial bridges, especially when utilizing the well-established Neoss4+ treatment solution.

NeoBase Abutments

Titanium-based Neoss NeoBase Abutments have been designed for local milling of ceramic restorations with straight (SSC) and angulated (ASC) screw channels.

Access Abutments

Neoss Access Abutments offer a wide range of solutions for screw-retained direct-to-implant bars, bridges and CAD/CAM frameworks based on our NeoLink® concept.

Burnout Abutments

Neoss Burnout Abutments offer a simple and cost-effective solution for direct-to-implant single- or multiple-unit restorations.

Prepable Titanium Abutments

Neoss Prepable Titanium Abutments are available in various sizes and angulations and may be used for either single or multiple cement-retained restorations.

Express Abutments

Pre-manufactured Neoss Express Abutments can be used to fabricate cement-retained crowns and partial bridges in a similar way to conventional crown and bridge.


The NeoLink® serves as the interface between the implant and abutment framework. It is precision-machined and made of either gold or commercially pure titanium.

Custom Abutments

Neoss Custom Abutments are based on our proven NeoLink® concept. They provide total freedom of choice of material for both single and multiple unit restorations and are compatible with individual cast and CAD/CAM generated restorations.

Zirconia Abutments

Neoss Zirconia Abutments are a fast and cost-effective solution for cement-retained single- and multiple-unit restorations and screw-retained single unit restorations. They can be prepared either chairside or in the lab.

TiBase Abutments

Neoss TiBase Abutments are compatible with the TiBase solution and the inLab design software within the Sirona Dental CAD/CAM system

CoCr Abutments

A CoCr coping or framework is welded to Neoss CoCr Abutments to form a cost-effective and flexible restorative solution.


Full arch flexibility with Neoss4+

Introducing Neoss4+: Personalized surgery for edentulous patients. With a focus on predictability, efficiency, esthetics, and affordability, Neoss4+ treatment solution empowers you to provide your patients with three treatment options depending on the clinical situation and your preference.

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Final Abutments

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