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Our comprehensive range of biomaterials offers solutions for a wide range of indications, from simple extraction sockets to more challenging procedures like sinus lifts and ridge augmentations. 

  • Clinically proven solutions with predictable and consistent results
  • A wide range of options to cover all your GBR needs
  • One-stop shop for solutions carefully selected for you



  • Schober
    Neogen Cape membrane—introducing a breakthrough fixation method for PTFE membranes

    Dr. Christian Schober

  • Koleilat
    Guided bone regeneration using PTFE barrier around dental implants

    Dr. Mohamad Koleilat

  • Schober
    New concept for buccal bone regeneration – implant-supported PTFE membrane

    Dr Christian Schober

Collagen membrane


NeoGen® Resorbable Collagen Membranes

The NeoGen Resorbable Collagen Dental Membranes are advanced resorbable membranes for bone defects, localized ridge augmentations, and guided bone regeneration in dehiscence defects.

  • Easy to handle
  • High mechanical strength
  • Two degradation times for adequate site protection

Vertical bone growth where you need it

NeoGen® PTFE Membranes

NeoGen PTFE Membranes are soft, flexible and easy to trim and shape. The combination of easy handling and tissue interactions with an enhanced barrier function results in a membrane that is easy to handle and protects the augmentation site in a predictable manner.

  • Soft tissue friendly and resistant to bacteria
  • Strong and shapeable mesh creates stability and flexibility
  • Supports the regrowth of lost bone, about 1 mm per month



Secure your vertical bone growth

NeoGen® Cape PTFE Membranes

Introducing NeoGen Cape, a new single tooth PTFE implant-secured membrane that has its uniqueness in the main anatomical geometry as well as in  the way of securing it on to the Neoss implants.

  • Higher membrane stability thanks to implant fixation 
  • Easier fixation & fewer steps
  • Predictable bone gain
Natural bone substitutes

Neoss® bone graft materials

Bone graft materials are used in dental procedures to promote bone growth and regeneration. Neoss has an exciting range of bone graft materials; NeoGenix XP™, and NeoGenix Allograft™ for all bone augmentation procedures:

  • Clinically proven
  • Predictable and consistent results
  • Wide range of options for all your needs, including ready-to-use vials, curved syringes and collagen blocks.



Non-Resorbable PTFE Sutures

Neoss® & Biotex non-Resorbable PTFE Sutures

Non-Resorbable PTFE Sutures are comprised of a single-arm, non-resorbable monofilament suture with a stainless-steel surgical needle connected to the suture. The suture is uncoated, undyed and sterile for single use only, composed of 100% PTFE.

  • Keeps the surgical site reliably closed 
  • Promotes wound healing
  • Exceptional handling that is both supple and easy to knot

Neoss® Tacks & screws

Membrane Tacks and Membrane Screws are used for easy and secure attachment of regenerative membranes to the bone during guided bone regeneration procedures

  • Fast and easy membrane fastening and removal
  • Pick-up function for safe handling
  • Screws with self-tapping properties (no pre-drilling)

tacks and scews w background

Wound dressing

Collagen from bovine dermis

NeoGen® Wound Dressing

Designed to stabilize and protect wounds and delicate new tissue, while also aiding wound healing. NeoGen Wound Dressings are ideal for everyday use and come in three convenient shapes. 

  • Require no preparation and are easy to cut to size 
  • Can be left in situ
  • Available in packs of 10

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