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Advancing the science of dental implant treatment

Since 2000,Neoss®  has been committed to advancing the science of dental implant treatment: designing, manufacturing, and selling the highest quality products which offer market-leading functionality. To continue developing this mission and providing a comprehensive solution for dental clinicians, dental laboratories, and patients, Neoss forms partnerships and invests in innovative, cutting-edge companies. Together, we are pioneering intelligently simple solutions.


ARC is a Swedish production and development firm with over ten years of expertise in Computer-AidedDesign and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM). ARC provides customized milling, including angulated screw channels, for Neoss and all major implant systems. ARC provides a complete digital solution for dental clinicians, dental labs, and patients. Neoss has partnered with ARC to strengthen our offering and to provide world-class dental implant technologies to our customers.

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