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Esthetic Healing Abutment with ScanPeg

Off the shelf revolutionary 2-in-1 solution

Providing a combination of healing abutment and scan abutment in a revolutionary 2-in-1 solution. Neoss® Esthetic Healing Abutments with ScanPeg brings a simplified and effortless procedure for accurate single tooth intra-oral scanning with excellent esthetics. Providing treatment less invasive and increases patient comfort.

A smarter, more efficient process for you

Easier handling provides, faster improved procedure

The push-in ScanPeg is used with the healing abutment and replaces the need for a separate scan body for intra-oral scanning. This minimizes the exchange of components, streamlines the scanning process and reduces the number of treatment steps and the overall chair time.

More patient-friendly due to undisturbed healing

With the no-component-exchange approach, the biological seal is maintained and the tissue level is preserved. It makes the treatment less invasive and increases patient comfort.

Providing excellent esthetics

A natural soft tissue profile is created during the healing phase. Utilizing the healing abutment while scanning eliminates soft tissue collapse during impression taking. Esthetic Healing Abutments are part of the Esthetiline range and are perfectly matched with Esthetiline stock abutments and Neoss CAD/CAM abutments.

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Esthetic Healing Abutment with ScanPeg