Neoss 4+ with Multi-unit abutment

Full arch flexibility with Neoss4+

Neoss4+ treatment solution
three treatment options

Experience easy-to-use full arch flexibility with predictable results

Introducing Neoss4+: Personalized surgery for edentulous patients. With a focus on predictability, efficiency, esthetics, and affordability, Neoss4+ treatment solution empowers you to provide your patients with three treatment options depending on the clinical situation and your preference.

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Multi-Unit Abutments

Allows for a quick, user-friendly
incorporation of the temporary
copings into the provisional

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NeoBase® Abutments

This titanium-based digital workflow
abutment makes it easy for you and
your lab. Designed for a great fit
and long-term performance.

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Access Abutments

Gives you the option for restoring at
abutment level rather than directly
on the implant.

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Restorative Flexibility

Achieving predictable outcomes with immediate loading

  • Prosthetic freedom, one platform for more than 70 implants
  • High primary stability with Neoss ProActive implant surface
  • Graftless full-arch solutions

Ultimate flexibility at an attractive price


Multi-Unit Abutment

  • Exclusive 10˚ option and lower vertical height
  • Clinical screw fixed within the abutment
  • Esthetic yellow color anodization 

NeoBase Abutment

  • Unmatched flexibility
  • Streamlined efficiency
  • Original Neoss implant connection



Access Abutment

  • Esthetic low profile
  • Clinical screw fixed within the abutment
  • Narrow spacing – low vertical height

Prosthetic freedom with NeossONE®

NeossONE is a solution unique to the Neoss® implant system – one prosthetic platform, across three implant designs. Simply put, the same prosthetic components fit every implant. The benefits are clear: reducing patient treatment time, optimizing inventory control and patient outcomes.

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"I have used Neoss4+ solutions for more than 10 years and every day me and my team are happy to do surgery and deliver prostheses. The new Neoss Multi-Unit Abutment makes the Neoss4+ concept even more accessible, flexible and simplified."