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Know your implant stability in seconds

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Implant Success Simplified

The key to making the right treatment choice

NeoTell swiftly and accurately assists in determining implant stability within seconds, utilizing proprietary RFA technology backed by over 1300 scientific studies. This evidence-based method provides objective results, reduces invasiveness, helping you make the right treatment choice.


Rapid and non-invasive


Intuitive, easy to use


Low entry cost

Partnership for the benefit of both you and your patients

In collaboration with Osstell, we've united user-friendly dental implants with their expertise in stability and osseointegration. This easy-to-use solution will support you to enhances the predictability of implant treatments to patients worldwide.

Prosthetic freedom with NeossONE®

NeossONE is a solution unique to the Neoss® implant system – one prosthetic platform, across three implant designs and over 70 implants. Simply put, the same prosthetic components fit every implant.

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Each SmartPeg is precisely calibrated for specific implants, guaranteeing accurate
ISQ readings aligned with scientific guidelines.

  • One SmartPeg type for over 70 different Neoss implants
  • Single-patient use and delivered sterile



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    LIVE Webinar, Friday 15 Sep, 18:00 CEST

    Solving dental implant challenges with simple digital solutions.

    Prof. Neil Meredith

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    LIVE Webinar, Monday 18 Sep, 18:00 CEST

    Save time and money with the EasyDigital solutions for intra-oral scanning, planning and restoring dental implants.

    Dr. Burak Yilmaz

“NeoTell is an impressive diagnostic tool. It is a necessity for my day-to-day implant dentistry especially on immediately placed and loaded implant cases. This tool makes communication easier with patients explaining the clinician's decision on the next stage of their implant treatment.”



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