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NeoScan™ 1000

Your solution for digital impressions

The NeoScan™ 1000 is a fast, precise and easy-to-use intraoral scanner that provides the possibility for a flexible workflow. The simplified USB cable connection gives you the option to share the scanner between dental chairs in your practice. No separate power source is needed.

This easy-to-use scanner is what your practice needs. It supports full-touch screen and there is no need for any powder or pre-heating. The best of all is that the NeoScan 1000 comes at the right price!

Why NeoScan™ 1000


The handle is ergonomically designed and is very easy to hold. Even with a compact size it achieves a 16 mm x 14 mm high-definition field of view.

Light Weight

With a handle weight of only 198 grams, like a smart phone, it will not cause discomfort even when held for a long time.

Vivid Color

Thanks to high-resolution and true-color images, it allows users to distinguish tooth structure and soft tissues, so that margin lines and undercut areas can be easily identified.

Simplified connection

Easy to share the scanner between dental chairs. NeoScan 1000 is powered directly by the computer, no need for a separate power supply.


Touchless control

With a motion-capture feature and buttons on the handpiece, users can complete the entire process of scanning, optimizing, and exporting without touching the computer.

Attractive price

The best part is that this cutting-edge technology and easy-to-use features come at a price level that is unbeatable.

Digital dentistry made easy

The NeoPro™ software enables you to produce restorations in your own practice or connect to industrial production. It makes your digital impression easy and fast. It’s an open system and includes features such as scan history management, smart reminders, margin line tools, inspection and measurement.

Digital impression data sharing and order communication is designed to improve workflow efficiency. With the integrated cloud storage, NeoConnect™ offers a communication tool for data transfer and communication with your laboratory providing a seamless and efficient process.

Dedicated support is available at and NeoConnect


Download and discover today!

  • “NeoScan™ 1000 is a superfast, lightweight, and easy to use scanner. I had the pleasure of being part of early testing and have used the scanner for several digital impression indications at my clinic with excellent results“.
  • "As pioneers in the world of digital implantology,we are well-frequented beta testers of newintraoral scanners on the market. The NeoScan1000 shows very promising results in terms ofresolution, speed, and feasibility, and alreadyhas a permanent place in our digital workflow.”
  • "I had the pleasure of being one of the beta testers for the NeoScan 1000 and I was positively surprised. The scanner is superfast and lightweight, the data can be processed without any problems and the first clinical results were convincing."
  • “We have a large experience on intraoral scanners as we have had the opportunity to test the most important brands available on the market. The NeoScan 1000 is an extremely fast and easy to use scanner. On teeth and on implants it revealed a great accuracy in detecting all the detail seven in difficult clinical conditions. The generated file is totally open so it is simple to share it with the clinical and technical components of the team. The NeoScan is an essential device for a full digital workflow in any modern dental office.”
  • “I had the pleasure being part of the feasibility testing* for the NeoScan 1000 intraoral scanner since May 2021, the preliminary test results for accuracy looks promising.
  • "The use of digital technology is an integral part of our clinic workflow. Central to this is the intraoral scanning process for which we require precision, speed, ease of use and streamlined integration with our laboratory providers. After extensive testing, I am confident that the NeoScan 1000 fulfills all these requirements and I have no hesitation in incorporating it into our clinic.”
  • "True to the ethos of Neoss, the NeoScanscanner is an extremely simple, compact and easy to use piece of kit. It’s great for dentists like myself wanting to introduce digital dentistry into their clinics. The set up was very straightforward and the workflow between the lab and myself has been seamless. Our patients have been impressed at how quick and efficient the scanner is at recording high-quality information about their mouths. It has improved patient engagement enormously and simplified treatment appointments.”
  • “My experience with NeoScan 1000 is that it is really fast, delivers an open file to communicate with all other digital systems. Intuitive software, handle buttons for full mouth scan without touching the computer.We work in a highly digital practice where we use intraoral scans for CAD-CAM prosthodontics, aligners and my case implant surgery planning and production of surgical templates.In the future, I will rely 100% on NeoScan.”
  • “ The product quality really exceeded my expectations and the support that I´m getting from Neoss is just remarkable “

Inter cylindrical precision comparison

Dr. Michael Braian’s bullet chart indicating the comparison of inter cylindrical precision on a dentated model. For more details, watch his on-demand webinar 'Accurate simplicity in intraoral scanning'

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  • NeoScan 1000 Brochure

    NeoScan 1000 Brochure

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    Esthetic Healing Abutment with ScanPeg Brochure

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    Safety, Regulatory and Technical manual

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    Installation and Operation Manual

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We are here for you

Need to contact support for your NeoScan 1000?

If you have any questions regarding your NeoScan 1000, NeoPro, or NeoConnect start with consulting the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) we have put together for you below. 

If you can not find what you are looking for you can email or call our NeoScan support team in your local country. Here are the email address and phone numbers. We will get back to you as soon as we can and you can expect an answer within 24 hours. There might be a longer response time during certain holidays.

Warranty downloads: Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, France, Spain

More warranties and support information can be found on the individual country pages. Please use the country selector in the menu for your local market.

Is there a subscription fee?
No. There is no subscription fee for NeoScan 1000 or the NeoPro Software.
Is there a fee for cloud storage?
We provide cloud storage on our cloud platform, NeoConnect. You will get storage of 5GB when registering and another 10GB for each scanner activation, free of charge. If you need more storage capacity, you can order more for a small charge.
Where can I find the packing list?
You will find the packing list inside your black NeoScan case. On it, you will in addition find a QR code with a direct link to download the NeoPro software.
Where can I find the IFU and manual?
They can be found inside your black NeoScan case and can also be downloaded on the Neoss website.
Can I download the NeoPro software to my Mac computer?
At this time the NeoPro software does not support macOS operating system.
Is NeoScan 1000 compatible with my Windows computer?
The NesoScan 1000 is compatible with Microsoft Windows 10 and 11. It is not compatible with earlier versions of Microsoft Windows. Additionally, the computer must meet the minimum configuration requirements to run NeoScan 1000 with optimal performance.
What is the minimum computer specification requirement for NesoScan 1000?
Processor: Intel® Core™ i7 9th Generation, base frequency 2.6 GHz (or better)
Memory: 32 GB (or more) DDR4, frequency 2666 MHz (or better)
Disk: 512G (or more) SSD
Graphics card: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1650 (or better)
Display: 15.6" FHD (1920 x 1080) (or more)
Others: USB 3.0 port
Operating system: Windows 10 / 11, 64 bit
Optional: Touch screen
How do you work with cloud storage, data management, extensibility, and cooperate with dental laboratories?
Neoss provides a cloud solution known as NeoConnect. To learn more about it, please visit
How do I mount the scanner tip?
On the handpiece, remove the protective cover before mounting the scanner tip to it.
My scanner is connected to the computer but not working.
Make sure the USB cable is connected correctly to the computer. Have it connected to the computer for a few minutes, sometimes the battery in the scanner needs to charge a bit before the scanner starts.
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