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Neoss ProActive® Tapered

The Neoss ProActive Tapered implant is a truly universal implant that provides quick engagement, fast insertion, and excellent stability in cases with soft bone.

Why Neoss ProActive® Tapered

Conical coronal flange with additional threads

The conical coronal flange with additional threads has been carefully designed to provide improved stability and faster healing in extraction sites and cases relying mainly on cortical anchorage.

Dual surface roughness

The Neoss ProActive Tapered Implant has a low surface roughness flange (Sa <0.4) designed to reduce marginal bone loss, while the rougher body (Sa 1.0) optimizes osseointegration. The low surface roughness flange allows implant placement subcrestal, bone level, or supracrestal.

Neoss ProActive, a super hydrophilic surface

The ProActive Tapered Implant has a super hydrophilic surface demonstrated by an immeasurable low contact angle. The Neoss ProActive surface has demonstrated faster and stronger osseointegration (when compared to blasted surfaces)1.

Tapered implant body and unique Thread Cutting and Forming design

The combination of the unique Thread Cutting and Forming (TCF®) design and tapered implant body provides excellent stability in compromised cases and predictable seating in dense bone.

Ultraclean low carbon surface

An ultraclean low carbon surface is achieved by a combination of cleaning process and packaging in a glass vial.

Apical profile aids placement

The apical profile provides ease of placement in soft bone cases where under-preparation is desirable or where there are narrow roots or walls.

Sinus floor friendly apical tip

The rounded tip is designed to protect the sinus floor membrane

The Neoss ProActive surface

The Neoss ProActive surface has demonstrated faster and stronger osseointegration compared to a blasted implant surface in in-vivo studies.1

The surface is achieved by subjecting the commercially pure titanium implant to a multistage blasting, etching, and super hydrophilicity treatment, which enables the implant to achieve a high level of wettability. As a result, Neoss ProActive Implants have a super hydrophilic surface.

The rougher surface on the threaded implant body stimulates bone to form more rapidly and with greater strength at the implant surface, allowing for earlier loading protocols.

The Neoss ProActive production process and packaging minimizes the already low carbon content on the surface, maximizing surface energy.

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     ProActive® Implants brochure

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    Immediate loading of a Neoss ProActive® Tapered implant to correct upper right lateral incisor agenesis.

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Neoss ProActive® Tapered

1. Gottlow J &amp; Sennerby L, 2010. ‘Influence of surface and implant design on stability of five commercial titanium implants. A Biomedical study in the rabbit’, AO Meeting, Post 83.