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Neoss ProActive® Edge

Outstanding primary stablilty

Neoss ProActive Edge implant is designed to ensure predictable stability in a variety of bone densities, catering to a wide range of clinical situations, including challenging cases.

Thanks to its design and simplified drilling protocol, in most cases only 1-2 drills will be required to place the implant.

Why Neoss ProActive® Edge

Achieve outstanding primary stability

The Neoss ProActive Edge implant has market leading load bearing properties*. The thread and pitch profile is designed for maximum bone-to-thread contact, and in combination with the tapered body, provides immediate feed

Simplified drilling protocol using 1-2 drills

The implant and thread designs are directly matched with the twist drills for ultimate ease of use - in most cases only one or two Neoss drills will be required to place the implant.

Optimized for minimal bone removal

Thanks to the combination of the implant design and drilling protocol, it ensures maximized preservation of original bone and outstanding primary stability. This innovative solution is designed for reduced healing times and increased patient comfort.

Confidence in challenging clinical cases

Expert engineering in combination with its tailored drilling protocol ensures confident implant placement in challenging clinical cases with predictable insertion torque. 

Equal or better than premium market leaders

 In an vitro study, the Neoss ProActive Edge showed similar or better primary stability than two other similar and commercially available premium implants types. Read more.


Experience matters; results from your peers

If you want to find out how the Neoss ProActive® Edge implant can improve your daily practice, click here to read the Neoss ProActive® Edge Implant Ambassador Program and see the clinical results.

User stats

94 %
rated primary stability as better than expected or as expected
76 %
of the implants were placed with 2 or fewer drills
96 %
rated overall handling as excellent or good

The Neoss ProActive surface

The Neoss ProActive surface has demonstrated faster and stronger osseointegration compared to a blasted implant surface in in-vivo studies.1

The surface is achieved by subjecting the commercially pure titanium implant to a multistage blasting, etching, and super hydrophilicity treatment, which enables the implant to achieve a high level of wettability. As a result, Neoss ProActive Implants have a super hydrophilic surface.

The rougher surface on the threaded implant body stimulates bone to form more rapidly and with greater strength at the implant surface, allowing for earlier loading protocols.

The Neoss ProActive production process and packaging minimizes the already low carbon content on the surface, maximizing surface energy.

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"Drilling protocol is very efficient and the implant seats smoothly within the osteotomy.”



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  1. Gottlow J & Sennerby L, 2010. ‘Influence of surface and implant design on stability of five commercial titanium implants. A Biomedical study in the rabbit’, AO Meeting, Post 83
  2. Renouard F, Nisand D. Short implants in the severely resorbed maxilla: a 2-year retrospective clinical study. Clin Implant Dent Relat Res. 2005;7 Suppl 1:S104–10.
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