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Neoss® Group announces the launch of a new Multi-Unit Abutment with their Neoss4+™  Treatment Solution

Neoss Group, a leading innovator in dental implant solutions, is proud to announce the launch of a new Multi-Unit Abutment for its Neoss4+ Treatment Solution, a cutting-edge system designed to transform the way dental professionals’ approach full arch restorations. With the introduction of the Neoss4+ and its innovative Multi-Unit Abutment, Neoss is once again demonstrating its commitment to advancing patient care and dental implant technology.

7. Sep 2023
Written by Neoss Group


"We are happy to introduce our new Multi-Unit Abutment with the Neoss4+ Treatment Solution to the dental community. Our commitment to innovation has led us to create a solution that will empower dental clinicians to provide great care to their patients. We believe that the Neoss4+ Treatment Solution will give more options for the full arch dental implantology and improve the lives of those seeking to restore their smiles."

– Dr. Robert Gottlander, President and CEO of the Neoss Group.

With a focus on predictability, efficiency, esthetics, and affordability, Neoss4+ Treatment Solution empowers the clinician to provide their patients with three treatment options depending on the clinical situation and their preference, Multi-Unit, NeoBase (Neoss version of TiBase) and Access Abutments. The new Multi-Unit Abutment comes with exclusive features thanks to key Neoss patents, which makes it possible for a 10˚ option with lower vertical height and with the clinical screw fixed within the abutment preventing losing it during placement. 

To learn more about the Neoss4+ Treatment Solution and its applications in full arch dental implant procedures for you and your patients, please visit https://neoss.com/neoss4.

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