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Neoss® Group and Aqua Dental Initiate Collaboration to Simplify Dental Care in Sweden

Zürich, November 16th - Neoss Group, a leading player in the dental implant industry, and the dental care company Aqua Dental, announce today that they are entering into a partnership with the aim of enhancing the availability and quality of dental implant services in Sweden.

16. Nov 2023
Written by Neoss Group


The collaboration between Neoss and Aqua Dental represents a significant milestone in the dental care sector. By combining Neoss' dental implant products with Aqua Dental's expertise in dentistry, the two companies aim to create streamlined workflows through digital solutions, making dental implant care accessible to everyone.

In this partnership, Aqua Dental Labs, the dental chain's dental technical laboratory, will also play a crucial role in providing customized constructions in collaboration with ARC Solutions (a part of the Neoss Group) for the benefit of patients.

”We are excited to initiate this collaboration with Aqua Dental to together enhance and simplify dental implant care. By combining our respective strengths and expertise, we will be able to offer groundbreaking dental implant care to patients across Sweden."

- Dr. Robert Gottlander, President and CEO of the Neoss Group.

Niklas Virta, CEO of Aqua Dental, is also excited about the collaboration.

"This partnership marks the beginning of a new era for implant care in Sweden. It enables us to offer our patients customized treatments and efficient dental care. It's especially gratifying that the implants and related products are manufactured in Sweden. We share a common vision with Neoss about the importance of making dental care accessible and the significance of simplicity for both healthcare providers and patients."

- Niklas Virta, CEO of Aqua Denta

This collaboration is another step in Neoss and Aqua Dental's journey to make efficient and innovative care accessible to all patients in need of dental implants. The combination of Neoss' straightforward products and Aqua Dental's focus on quality, passion, and accessibility is hoped to have a positive impact on dental health and well-being for people across the country.

About Neoss®

Neoss was founded with a vision to enhance dental implant treatments for both clinicians and patients. With our extensive expertise in dental implant procedures, we are committed to develop user-friendly and cost-effective solutions that enhance the efficiency of dental professionals and improve patient outcomes. Our products and solutions are designed, researched, and developed in Gothenburg, Sweden – the birthplace of Osseointegration and the renowned pioneer, Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark. You can have confidence knowing that our offerings are supported by scientific research and long-term clinical results, providing you and your patients with peace of mind. To find out more visit https://neoss.com

About Aqua Dental
Aqua Dental is a modern dental chain working to make dental care accessible and is known for its high-quality care and service. With a combination of quality, modern technology, experienced dentists, and a high level of personal service, Aqua Dental always strives to offer the best and safest dental care while promoting good oral health. Today Aqua Dental operates 24 dental clinics and 3 dental labs all over Sweden.


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